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EchoAnswer automatically answers EchoLink calls when you can’t.  It lets the person calling, leave a message for you. It has both Answer-Record and Announce Only modes. You can customize it with your own personal outgoing voice messages. EchoAnswer, Freeware Version, will store up to five incoming messages.

EchoAnswer is simple, intuitive and easy to use. It functions like an answering machine does with your home telephone. EchoAnswer is designed to work with EchoLink Version 1.9.890 or later, operating in the Single-User mode.


Dave Shorthill







EchoAnswer Freeware Release Notes

Release Version 1.1.144

Copyright, Dave Shorthill, K1XD,   2004



1.                  The EchoAnswer Program has built in help.  Please look through it.  Most questions will be answered there.  If you still need help, Email me or use the ‘Product Support’ link in the program to access the ‘EchoAnswer Online Forum’.


2.                  Make sure that you have the latest version of EchoLink installed, Version 1.9.890.  Earlier versions of EchoLink won’t work with EchoAnswer.


3.                  If you were one of the first group of EchoAnswer Beta Testers, uninstall any earlier  EchoAnswer versions, before installing the latest EchoAnswer Version.


4.                  EchoAnswer works with EchoLink operating in the Single-User Mode.  It won’t work with EchoLink in the Sysop Mode.  I have started development of a version that will work in the Sysop mode.  Stay tuned for more info…


5.                  Please send me your comments and suggestions.  I would like to add more features and improve the program.  My email address is below.


6.                 Download EchoAnswer Version 1.1.144     Self Installing 'EXE' File

         Download EchoAnswer Version 1.1.144     Zip File






Dave Shorthill